Pajama Spirals and Swirls Gallery

ToyTip:  to pop up a window with the html code of a particular design, select html from the menu.  The code can be copied for use as desired.

ToyTip:  "cornucopia_12" at left, is endless fun and one of Holly's faves.  Select the "disk" mouse mode with the shift key.  Neat, huh? 

Now, select the "cornucopia" mouse mode with the shift key for some wiggly wormy fun.

ToyTip:  to play "spin the monkey" with the design "spiral_tiled_image" at right, select the "source image" mouse mode and hold the control key.  Bwahaha!  Dance, Monkeys, Dance!


Dang, isn't Pajama fun?

Pajama is all about exploration and play.  Experiment with mouse modes and keystroke combinations to see what you can discover using the various effects.


We'd love to hear about the designs you create with Pajama.

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