Compiling with GHC
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To use Pan and Pan effects with GHC instead of Hugs, here's what you need to do:

Of course, you'll need to have GHC installed on your machine. As is, Pan is tied to Windows platforms, so you have to be running it on a Win 9x/Me, Win NT/2k installation.  The Pan sources will work with both ghc-4.05 and ghc-4.08(.1)
Change the definition of HC in (at the top of the Pan source tree) to point to your installation of GHC.
Then do one of the following, depending on your version of GHC:
If you have 4.05 installed, you will need some fixes to the run-time system.  Unpack this zip file and unpack into your GHC installation.
If instead you've got 4.08.1 installed, then also need to change the setting of USING_GHC_4_08 from NO to YES in  You'll have to pick up a copy of the HDirect support libraries. Unpack this .zip file on top of your Pan installation, so that src/lib/ will afterwards contain a number of .hi files along with libHScom.a.
In either case, to build, just type "make haskell-depend haskell-bits" in your Pan directory.