The TBAG Project

General Description (Abstract from SIGGRAPH '94 paper)

TBAG is a paradigm and toolkit for rapid prototyping of interactive, animated 3D graphics programs. The paradigm has its roots in declarative programming, emphasizing immutable values, first class functions, and relations. These concepts are applied to a broad range of types, including points, vectors, planes colors, transforms, geometry, and sound. The narrow role of modifiable state in the paradigm allows applications to be run in a collaborative setting (multi-use and multi-computer) without modification.

Screen Snapshots of TBAG in action

TBAG Animations captured as video.

Publications (click on hyperlinks to access PostScript versions)

SIGGRAPH '94 publication
TBAG: A High Level Framework for Interactive, Animated 3D Graphics Applications. Conal Elliott, Greg Schechter, Ricky Yeung, and Salim Abi-Ezzi. Proceedings of SIGGRAPH '94.
Eurographics Object-Oriented Graphics '94 publication
Functional 3D Graphics in C++ - with an Object-Oriented, Multiple Dispatching Implementation. Greg Schechter, Conal Elliott, Ricky Yeung, and Salim Abi-Ezzi. Proceedings of the 4th Eurographics Workshop on Object-Oriented Graphics, 1994.

Note: this work was done at Sun Microsystems, but the TBAG team is now at Microsoft.

The TBAG Team is...

Salim Abi-Ezzi
Conal Elliott
Greg Schechter
Ricky Yeung
With help from:
Leon Shirman, Ajay Sreekanth, Srikanth Subramaniam, Tom Meyer, John Ulrich, and Brook Conner.

Updated February 02, 2003