TBAG animations captured as video

The items below reference TBAG animations captured in MPEG1 video format. They were captured from videotape using the SunVideo video capture hardware on a SPARCstation 10.


Actual TBAG animations are both smoother and don't exhibit the video-compression related visual artifacts present here.

The frame rate reflected in these videos is primarily influenced by the video decompression rate of the CPU.

For a more accurate portrayal of the image quality achieved when running TBAG, see the screen snapshots, especially the full-size ones.

Multiple View Color Widget (689 KB)

Eagle Watchers (938 KB)

A Spring Toy (954 KB)

Interactive Spring Toy Construction Kit (928 KB)

Multidirectional Mortgage Payment Widget (366 KB)

Animation of Sorting Algorithms (849 KB)

Conetree visualization of a family tree (587 KB)

Simulation of Particles obeying the Ideal Gas Law (486 KB)

Objects casting shadows with a moving light source (527 KB)

Chain of Gears (413 KB)

Gyroscopes (520 KB)

Greg Schechter (gds@eng.sun.com)