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Here are some images made with Pan. Each thumbnail image below is a link that will take you to a larger version. Some of these examples come from Functional Images.

New (April 2006) -- Interactive designs!



Each thumbnail below leads to a whole collection, not just a single image.

spirals washer blends xorgonRings
flowerings wedge flowers wedge flowers
with rotation
cornucopia interlacings tiled
Murray Creek

New: Interactive Designs

I'm very excited about Pajama, which makes interactive designs that run on the web.  It just needs Java

You can right-click on the design to the right and try it out.  Be sure to hover over the menu items for instructions. Suggestion: choose the "rings" mouse mode and drag with the left mouse button.

Then visit us at the Pajama page!




Older Pan pictures


(not yet updated with recent ones)



For some older examples, look here.


All images and animations appearing and linked to above are Conal Elliott, 1999-2004.  Sigbjorn Finne and Oege de Moor have helped a lot with the underlying software.  Some of the formulas were contributed by  Sigbjorn Finne or Craig Kaplan.

Revised: April 10, 2006.

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