Here are some spiral images made with Pan.  See the gallery for many more Pan images.  These images are © Conal Elliott, 2000-2008.  

spiral limit pattern b.jpg (125428 bytes) spiral swirl fish (66K)
spiral limit pattern c.jpg (181248 bytes) (161K) spiral limit pattern a.jpg (159179 bytes) spiral limit pattern d.jpg (173193 bytes)
spiral dots tight.jpg spiral-sp-gradient.jpg


Also, here's a background (1280x1024 pixels): spiral limit pattern b background 1280.jpg (253247 bytes)

New: Interactive Designs

I'm very excited about Pajama, which makes interactive designs that run on the web.  It just needs Java

You can right-click on the design to the right and try it out.  Be sure to hover over the menu items for instructions.

Then visit us at the Pajama page!