If you want to run the examples without installing Hugs and Pan, here are Windows installer files for demos as components (707k).  Unlike previous releases, these components were compiled with if-floating turned on, and so should be faster (but took me much longer to compile in some cases).   This release does not contain DirectXTransforms or PhotoShop plugins.

Here is a Windows installer for the sources to the Pan compiler (843k), which also contains the sources for all of the examples.  To use it, you'll need Hugs (the Haskell interpreter) , so if you don't have it already, get it here.  You will also need Microsoft Visual C++, which we can't give you for free (sorry).  See the directions for Creating Effects.  If you want just the source as a zip file, without the installer, look here, being sure to use the "save" rather than "open" option, due to an IE issue.

If you want to compile effects and you already have Hugs installed, you'll just need to install the HDirect libraries (184k).

Pan programs also compile under GHC, and while GHC can be a bit of a hassle to set up compared to Hugs, your compilation times will be is much smaller.  See these instructions.  You will still need the Microsoft Visual C++ compiler.