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Here are all of the Pan releases, from newest to oldest.

For components or standalone, see these directions for the viewer, and for plugins, use these directions.

Anti-aliasing for much smoother-looking images!  See how to use it.
You can make copies (to the clipboard) larger than the view.  See View/Settings dialog in the PanViewer.   After a copy operation, you can paste to the image editor of your choice. With anti-aliasing high-resolution copies via the Pan component viewer, we rarely use the PhotoShop plugins.
PanViewer ActiveX control for embedding in web page or PowerPoint presentation.  See samples.htm and samples.ppt in demo/settings.
A recently given presentation on Pan, using this ActiveX control.
Misc improved factoring in src/ and DemoSrc/.
A few more demos: see the lens one, especially
Refactored viewer for better sharing
Tweaked slightly for ghc 4.08.1
New binary releases: PhotoShop plugins and DirectXTransforms (for web page embedding).  Still contains "component" binaries, though changed extension from ".dll" to ".pef", which may now be double-clicked.  (Warning: still contains machine code.)  Removed  installer for "stand-alone" executables, because the components are better.
Many function renamings, thanks to suggestions from Koen Classen.
new major release; changes & fixes too numerous to mention.
2000-05-01 (oops -- removed due to version skew bug):
textBox and textBoxSize controls.
Added shadowed text example.
Regenerated demo binaries for better fonts under Windows 98.
2000-04-26: First release.