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I recommend starting with the Bridges 2001 paper, Functional Image Synthesis, especially if you're not a functional languages or compilers person.

bullet Conal Elliott, Functional Images, a chapter in the book The Fun of Programming.
bulletConal Elliott, Sigbjorn Finne, Oege de MoorCompiling Embedded Languages, Journal of Functional Programming, 13(2), 2003.  Updated version of paper by the same name that appeared in SAIG '00 proceedings, published as Springer Verlag LNCS 1924, Springer-Verlag. See also longer tech report version.
bulletConal Elliott, Functional Image Synthesis, Proceedings of Bridges 2001Large technical overlap with "Functional Images".
bulletConal Elliott, Oege de Moor, Sigbjorn Finne, Efficient Image Manipulation via Run-time Compilation.  Microsoft Research tech report, November 1999

If you don't have a PDF viewer, look here.

See also this video of a presentation given at the University of Washington on November 28, 2000. Here are the abstract and PowerPoint file.
Revised: January 25, 2005.