Some photo collages

Conal Elliott

Last modified:Sun Dec 18 18:58:41 2005 October 26, 2003

Here are some silly photo collages.  Click on thumbnails below to see larger versions.  Nothing profound, just messing around, and it's very easy.

Some from May 2000:

pats in the sky 3.jpg (55K) pat-ponid collage 2.jpg (99K) pats in the sky 2.jpg (78K)
pat-ponid collage.jpg (87K)   pat-ponid collage 3.jpg (105K)
char-and-sky.jpg (61K)  ponid and pat in the sky.jpg (60K)
pats-and-chars.jpg (88K) menagerie.jpg (47K)

Some from late December 2000, done with Becky, using graphic backgrounds created with Pan:

Jake Bunny sunrise med.jpg (94614 bytes) pat and ball med.jpg (77698 bytes) The Jakerses med.jpg (272222 bytes)
freakychar med.jpg (76780 bytes)   Jake Bunny b med.jpg (54399 bytes)

And some from December 2001: