Fran version 1.16

(Functional Reactive Animation)

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Conal Elliott

The Fran implementation has gone quite stale and is unlikely to work any longer. For a successor, see Reactive and FieldTrip. I'm still interested in purely functional interactive graphics, and I believe there's still lots of room for innovative work/play in the area. If you're interested in collaborative research & implementation on this topic, please contact me.

Fran is a Haskell library (or "embedded language") for interactive animations with 2D and 3D graphics and sound. It runs under Windows 95/98 and Windows NT under Hugs 98.

Here is a tutorial article on Composing Reactive Animations. (The animated GIFs total 2Mb. Please be patient. You might want to download the zip file and view it locally.)  See here for a few other related publications.

See news for details on changes from one version to another, and links to zip files for all released versions.

See here for some publications on Fran.  Also, check out Pan, an image synthesis and manipulation language.  Roughly speaking, it does for 2D space what Fran does for time.


Bugs / To do


More fun

If Fran appeals to you, check out Pan, a high-level library and optimizing compiler for synthesis of interactive images.

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