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Memoizing polymorphic functions – part one

Memoization takes a function and gives back a semantically equivalent function that reuses rather than recomputes when applied to the same argument more than once. Variations include not-quite-equivalence due to added strictness, and replacing value equality with pointer equality.

Memoization is often packaged up polymorphically:

memo :: (???) => (k -> v) -> (k -> v)

For pointer-based (“lazy”) memoization, the type constraint (“???”) is empty. For equality-based memoization, we’d need at least Eq k, and probably Ord k or HasTrie k for efficient lookup (in a finite map or a possibly infinite memo trie).

Although memo is polymorphic, its argument is a monomorphic function. Implementations that use maps or tries exploit that monomorphism in that they use a type like Map k v or Trie k v. Each map or trie is built around a particular (monomorphic) type of keys. That is, a single map or trie does not mix keys of different types.

Now I find myself wanting to memoize polymorphic functions, and I don’t know how to do it.

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