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Memoizing polymorphic functions – part two

Part one of this series introduced the problem of memoizing functions involving polymorphic recursion. The caching data structures used in memoization typically handle only one type of argument at a time. For instance, one can have finite maps of differing types, but each concrete finite map holds just one type of key and one type of value.

I extended memoization to handle polymorphic recursion by using an existential type together with a reified type of types. This extension works (afaik), but it is restricted to a particular form for the type of the polymorphic function being memoized, namely

-- Polymorphic function
type k :--> v = forall a. HasType a => k a -> v a

My motivating example is a GADT-based representation of typed lambda calculus, and some of the functions I want to memoize do not fit the pattern. After writing part one, I fooled around and found that I could transform these awkwardly typed polymorphic functions into isomorphic form that does indeed fit the restricted pattern of polymorphic types I can handle.

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