New Pajama wiki


  • 2008-11-24: The wiki broke a few months ago, after a server change. I’ll restore it someday, when I get Pajama into releasable shape.

I set up a new wiki for Pajama (interactive, continuous, web-embeddable images). Please try it out and leave comments on the wiki or email them to me.

I’m very interested in help with Pajama, particularly:

  • Replacing the remaining old code from Pan (done while I was at Microsoft Research). Most of the code has been rewritten and simplified, including the complicated code motion stuff (common subexpression elimination and loop hoisting), code generation (nicely exploiting Java), and GUI construction.
  • Getting it whipped into shape to be a open source project.
  • Applying the (domain-independent) compiler to other domains (sound, 3D, …).
  • Improvements to the wiki, including easier uploading of examples and automatic generation of galleries.
  • Integration of Pajama and Eros (end-user syntax-free authoring of functional programs).

On wiki software selection: After looking around at different engines, including a visit to #wiki and WikiMatrix, I picked MoinMoin. It satisfies my requirements nicely: Java applet embedding (as generated by the Pajama compiler), free, wysiwyg page editing and a friendly implementation/extension language, namely Python. Then I started learning Python, which is a reasonably nice programming language for customizing the wiki server. My first Python program is a wiki macro that makes it fairly easy to embed Pajama effects in a wiki page.

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